The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel

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It was once said that you must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible. Alli Carson has been through her own personal hell. With her father, the President of the United States, recently dead and her mother in a coma from a terrible accident, she has poured herself into her training to become one of the best FBI agents at the Fearington Institute. Her inspiration and solace comes from the one man with whom she has ever felt a kinship, National Security Adviser, Jack McClure.

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But when Alli becomes the prime suspect in a murder at Fearington, a wide ranging investigation is triggered, involving local homicide detectives, the secret service, the FBI itself, and Alli's own uncle, the billionaire lobbyist Henry Carson. And yet nothing is what it seems. What follows is a treacherous journey that leads Jack and Alli into a complex web of lies and deceit.

Using Jack's unique gifts to see the through the labyrinth of manipulation, their investigation leads them into the dark heart of the international slave trade, tied to a powerful Albanian crime lord whose ability and influence in global terrorism grows with each day. The two find themselves in the crosshairs of vast global enterprise, one that lurks in the shadows of power and has infiltrated Washington and their lives in ways neither of them could ever have imagined.

And hidden deep among it all sits a terrifying criminal mastermind, someone fueled by a hatred that can never be quenched, and a mind that knows neither feeling nor mercy. Enemy of the Good. Matthew Palmer. A tense, complex, and twisting diplomatic thriller in which one woman must choose between morality and compromise—and in either case, the consequences may be deadly. Kate is a Foreign Service brat who attended high school in the region; her uncle is the U.

Washington has taken an interest in the movement, her uncle conveys, and may find it worth supporting if they understand more about the aims and leadership. And Kate has an in—many followers of the movement were high school classmates of hers. Warning Light.

The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel, Book by Adam Lebor (Paperback) |

When a commercial flight violates restricted airspace to make an emergency landing at a closed airport in Iran, the passengers are just happy to be alive and ready to transfer to a functional plane. All of them except one The American technology consultant in business class is not who he says he is. Zac Miller is a CIA analyst. And after an agent's cover gets blown, Zac—though never trained to be a field operative—volunteers to take his place, to keep a surveillance mission from being scrubbed.

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Zac thinks it will be easy to photograph the earthquake-ravaged airport that is located near a hidden top secret nuclear facility. But when everything that can go wrong does, he finds himself on the run from the Islamic Revolutionary Guards and abandoned by his own teammates, who think he has gone rogue.

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Embarking on a harrowing journey through the mountains of Iran to the Persian Gulf and across Europe, Zac can only rely on himself. But even if he makes it out alive, the life he once had may be lost to him forever Rogue Strike. Book 2. Jake Keller finds himself in a familiar position—on the run for his life and desperate to find the shadowy figures behind a global conspiracy.

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  • They've been tipped off to a secret meeting of top al Qaeda leaders. The plan is to interrupt the meeting with a few unexpected visitors—a pair of Hellfire missiles from an orbiting drone.

    The Washington Stratagem: A Yael Azoulay Novel (Yael Azoulay Series #2) (Paperback)

    But the drone stops responding to their signals and soon disappears over the horizon. When next seen, the drone is attacking innocent pilgrims in Mecca. Jake and Curt are staggered. The U. Who better to blame than a couple of rogue CIA agents? She is a very exciting character. She's intellectual and can hold her own in a fight. She reaches out for help when she needs it, though that's rare. She also isn't predictable, which made for an even more exciting read.

    I really enjoyed reading about the back rooms of the UN. LeBor did not portray the organization in a very positive light and I'm sure there is some truth to the corruption that exists at all levels.

    New novel gives spy games a feminist sabra spin

    The extent to which LeBor knew the subject of the book was impressive. It's obvious that he has covered news stories in his journalism career that he brought in to the book. Having read books about both the Rwandan genocide and specifically fellow Canadian UN peacekeeper Romeo Dellaire and Bosnian war, I feel like I was a step ahead while reading this book. As much as I appreciated LeBor providing the back story, at times I felt it distracting. Just as I was turning pages quicker in anticipation of the story line it was broken up with a piece of back story history.

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    Further to that, the number of acronyms used in this book was staggering. This is one of the more exciting mystery thriller books I've read in a while. I'd love to read another Yael Azoulay book and see her kick some more ass. Yael Azoulay has an interesting job at the United Nations. She brokers deals with the worlds' worst criminals.

    On returning to New York, Yael is dismayed to discover she s lost her job; she s even more dismayed by the suspicious death of her trusted friend Olivia de Souza, an assistant to U. Secretary-General Fareed Hussein. As Yael goes rogue to ferret out answers to these puzzles, she peels away layers of intrigue.

    The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel
    The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel
    The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel
    The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel
    The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel
    The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel
    The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel
    The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel
    The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel The Geneva Option: A Yael Azoulay Novel

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