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The primary reason for this limited amount of productivity, when compared to the 9 to 5 mentality, is due to a huge change in the kind of work that modern day employees typically perform. An 8 hour work day, five days a week, makes sense for physical labor and manufacturing work.

Yet, in the case of the modern information worker nearly all tasks involve creative or strategic thinking. The way someone answers an email or interprets a piece of information can differ drastically depending on his or her energy level. With this, the main problem with an 8 hour work day becomes mental fatigue. Another reason for the decline in 9 to 5 workers, is solely due to the needs and preferences of Millennials. Up until a few years ago, most everyone based their employment offers on 3 factors: salary, benefits, and commute. Yet today, Millennials are increasingly basing their employment on numerous other factors including flexibility, company reputation, and whether or not the job permits them to make a larger impact: Millennials increasingly require some aspect of personal fulfillment from their jobs, and are willing to walk if they do not find it.

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This was part of a wider trend: Interest in flexible work increased by In economically troubled times—such as during the global financial crisis—an uptick in searches for these types of working arrangements may reflect the difficulty workers have finding full-time employment. In other situations, people may be looking for a flexible opportunity to balance work with other responsibilities.

Perhaps they are seeking extra income or cannot work full time due to family circumstances. There is a common assumption that part-time and remote work tends to be low paying, low-skill work.

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But a closer look at the language of search suggests that flexibility is taking on a new meaning. Indeed data shows that over half of the top 50 keywords associated with searches for flexible work are related to high-skill jobs—and not only that, many of these are in the tech and healthcare fields where talent is scarce. Healthcare comes second while Business and Financial Operations occupations come third.

The 9 to 5 Window The 9 to 5 Window
The 9 to 5 Window The 9 to 5 Window
The 9 to 5 Window The 9 to 5 Window
The 9 to 5 Window The 9 to 5 Window
The 9 to 5 Window The 9 to 5 Window

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