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ELEC 464 : Microcomputer System Design
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Page 2 Software Professional Software Development System should be supplied providing cross assembler and C language cross compiler. The system also incorporates a range of peripheral devices and is driven by a 10MHz clock. The FLTK is supplied with 16K bytes of RAM, which is more than sufficient for most teaching requirements, but is expandable to a total of K bytes making it also suitable for larger scale applications.

This manual is also suitable for: Fltk Mc Mc Mc Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:. Latest comments:. Print page 1 Print document 4 pages.

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Restore password. They were terrible at such operations because those abilities did not exist and had to be coded in software. One example was the Intel FPU which is specifically designed to perform floating point operations. This takes pressure off the software both in speed and memory usage. Modern CPUs do have inbuilt FPUs and other useful functions but there are still many functions that could and probably should be implemented in silicon.

For example, encryption and decryption are common tasks performed by computers when backing up data, sending private information over a network connection, and acquiring network access.


Microprocessor Systems Design: 68000 Family Hardware, Software and Interfacing

So instead of performing encryption in software, it could be moved to a secure cryptoprocessor which would remove some of the security features needed in programs. Moving features onto dedicated hardware is not the only solution to limiting transistor count.

The 68000 Microprocessor Hardware and Software Principles and Applications 4th Edition Pdf Book

One possibility, albeit extreme, could be to end the industry IBM architecture and develop a whole new architecture which is centered around high-speed computing and modern hardware. There needs to be a point where old programs and operating systems are left in the past so new technology can bring about faster computers and higher productivity. Transistor real estate is becoming very expensive and programs such as operating systems are increasingly demanding more processing power while offering little in return.

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Unless engineers band together and start to think about how we can improve technology with the tools we already have, we can expect to see stagnation in computing capabilities as a whole. Load More Articles.

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I disagree with a few aspects of this article. Primarily, higher level languages make code simpler, and thus reduce the number of severe bugs.

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Software projects can be massive, relying on many other tools that may be changing. For example, in the cryptography community it is common knowledge that you should never use an algorithm that is private, because private algorithms are going to be rife with issues that you may not know about mathematical, software-related, etc. The well known and reused algorithms known to all the public have been tested and analysed to death. This is the idea behind software reuse, which increases software complexity, and thus requires high levels of abstraction in order to perform correctly. Higher levels of complexity and abstraction require more and more memory.

Hence the need for high computing power. Some problems simply cannot be avoid, like certain simulations which must be solved analytically in software. If you have one million frames of a fluid simulation and each frame simulates billions of particles, you have incredible numbers of calculations whether simple arithmetic or not to perform.

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  4. In software and computer hardware, there is no way around this. You must either simulate using the computer, or perform experiments. But one huge reason for simulation is to save cost and reduce interference. Perhaps new architectures, power and clock management, logic units, or even AI integration. But these are optimizations, and will not likely be nearly as dramatic as increasing transistor density. Your article did a fair job of explaining this. But the examples used are not good, and the ideas about software becoming ultra-optimized with low level programming is definitely not good.

    (PDF) Introduction to microcomputer hardware and software | Marc Bloom -

    Some fear that the development of electronics will be stunted at the end of Moore's law. Learn More About: Silicon better programming better hardware design modern design silicon efficiency moores law transistor count robin mitchell. You May Also Like:. Robin Mitchell. There may be a chance that the gold medals awarded there will be made from recycled electronic Donald Krambeck.

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    The 68000 Hardware and Software The 68000 Hardware and Software
    The 68000 Hardware and Software The 68000 Hardware and Software
    The 68000 Hardware and Software The 68000 Hardware and Software
    The 68000 Hardware and Software The 68000 Hardware and Software
    The 68000 Hardware and Software The 68000 Hardware and Software
    The 68000 Hardware and Software The 68000 Hardware and Software

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