Juxtapoz Art & Culture (June 2016)

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Amsterdam: Roma Publications; Ghent: S. Roselione-Valadez, Juan, ed. Piranio, Michelle and Katie Reilly, eds. Jacobson, Karen, ed.


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Henry Taylor. Made in L. Los Angeles: Hammer Museum, , Simpson, Bennett. Blues for Smoke. Los Angeles: Museum of Contemporary Art, 22, , Miami: Rubell Family Collection, American Exuberance. Miranda, Carolina A. Valentine, Victoria L. Baumann, Sacha. Berardini, Andrew. Black, Ezhra Jean. Gibbs, Gregg. Goldstein, Andrew M. Harden, Essence. Holte, Michael Ned.

Knight, Christopher. McMahon, Catherine. Habitat: Henry Taylor. Pogrebin, Robin. Quinn, Patrick. Reyburn, Scott. Rosenberg, Karen. Shapton, Leanne. Stone, Bryony. Wagley, Catherine. This Week. Wagley, Catherine C. Weitz, Julie. People have been waiting anxiously-since for Ryden's latest exhibition. The Michael Kohn Gallery, which hosts the show, has already spoken with Ryden about a follow-up show. Then he bolts upright, his eyes alive. I'm already working on new drawings.

His rise from commercial album cover art for well-known, as well as forgettable, records-Michael Jackson, Four Non Blondes, and Ringo Star, among others-has been a meteoric ascent. In 10 years he's become one of the most sought after painters. The Frye opened in l, 11 years before Mark was born. So why does the established art world appear reluctant to embrace Mark Ryden? That just turns some people off. It's like it's a sin," Ryden guesses.

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Kristen Anderson, owner of Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle maintains, "Ryden's work contains aspects of kitsch culture that academics find unnerving. It's rooted in counter-culture history cyberspace, but not anymore. It's and symbols that you have to know just as well.

As I searched for online something about. That makes it forums about Ryden, a dialogue harder to discuss if you aren't hip to came up that discussed several of it already. But it doesn't faze Mark. And those thousands are growing. The Internet in general yes, he can shut down eBay auctions , and MySpace in particular, is overflowing with hardcore loyalists, Rydenites, who claim him as their favorite artist.

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Does this obsessive fan base bother him? I zone it out.

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He's a talented genius with a serious eye for the absurd and the divine. There is humor and tragedy in everything according to Ryden. His use of imagery reflects that all subject matter is fair game. Numerology, alchemy, flora and fauna imagery that convey very specific allegorical meanings according to various cultures and mythologies are in each painting. But that's what an art historian is supposed to say. Ryden, however, is less prosaic and more content to paint intuitively. He confesses, "I suppose Sophia's Mercurial Waters pushed it a little.

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He's not a vending machine people can plug in their buck into and get out what they want. He won't compromise on his imagery. The swastika is the most graphic, powerful symbol mankind has come across. That's what intrigued me about doing the painting. I wanted to do it, not in red and black, but in pink and blue. Mostly, though, Ryden likes the look of things. I don't paint from a void.

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It's a Where's Waldo of sorts. The Tree Show has elusive imagery and symbolism like most of Ryden's work, but it's scaled back. That is, unless you consider Fetal Trapping in Northern California, where a miniature Lincoln delivers the placenta from a tree as a redhaired girl in patent leather shoes observes. There's an environmental feeling to the show, I theorize. Ryden shrugs his shoulders. There's so few of these great trees left. General Sherman, a painting of the famed General Sherman sequoia in the Sequoia National Forest, stands majestically tall and proud, as laughably insignificant humans wander around at the base.

By contrast, Girl Eaten by a Tree is pretty much summed up by its title; two girls stand by, horrified, as a voracious conifer devours their companion.

Additionally, Ryden has painted the faces of several young girls, wood nymphs, on slabs of wood. This is not an original idea. I'd hate to look like I'm following a trend.

Juxtapoz Art & Culture (June 2016) Juxtapoz Art & Culture (June 2016)
Juxtapoz Art & Culture (June 2016) Juxtapoz Art & Culture (June 2016)
Juxtapoz Art & Culture (June 2016) Juxtapoz Art & Culture (June 2016)
Juxtapoz Art & Culture (June 2016) Juxtapoz Art & Culture (June 2016)
Juxtapoz Art & Culture (June 2016) Juxtapoz Art & Culture (June 2016)
Juxtapoz Art & Culture (June 2016) Juxtapoz Art & Culture (June 2016)
Juxtapoz Art & Culture (June 2016) Juxtapoz Art & Culture (June 2016)

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