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Can loyalty blind people to their so-called friends' true colors? How can sisters support each other when they have their own crises to tackle?

Well, That Was Awkward

What happens when you get everything you ever wanted, only to find out that those desires aren't so fulfilling after all? So Cute From Amazon Alison Avery is the "interesting looking" girl of the Avery sisters. While her sisters, Phoebe and Quinn are gorgeous. She is sick of her bossy "best friend" Jade, having an impossible crush on Tyler Moss, and her mom's job is on the line. Alison wants change in her life.

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So, she starts by becoming friends with Roxie, the eccentric new girl. Alison decides to take some risk for changes in her life. I found Lucky to be Brilliant and Gorgeous was a great sequel. Where as Lucky was focused on money. Gorgeous was centered on beauty and self esteem. Alison was easy to relate to since most girls have had those problems before.

It had a great plot and lots of humor. It was an original book and lovely. Vail is great writer. I recommend the Avery Trilogy. Yes, I read these books out of order, but it turns out I doesn't matter. Allison Avery feels like she's a loser compared to her sisters, and when new girl Roxie Green offers her the chance to hang out, she feels like she can start over. By selling her cell phone to the devil who's pretty hot in this novel and changing her name to Alison, she becomes model material.

But it's not so simple. Allison isn't just another shallow girl wanting to be popular and beautiful. She's trying to figure out what friendship means, along the way discarding some of her old friends in favor of new ones.

Meanwhile, her home life is rocked when her mom loses her job. She had once thought teen magazines were trashy, but now, she's not so sure. Allison has to figure out just how far she'll go to live up to the titular gorgeous, and pushes her parents', sisters' and friends' buttons to prove that she's worthy.

The devil isn't just evil, but smart in his way, alluring, and Allison has a tough choice to make.


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Roxie quotes Golda Meir to her "Don't be humble; you're not that great. I've since gone on and read Lucky, but Gorgeous I think is the stronger of the two. Highly recommended. Vail makes Allison relatable and realistic, especially in her feeling like her parents aren't impressed with her and won't be until she reaches a certain level of achievement.

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Growing up with beautiful, blond sisters, Allison has always been the dark-haired, "interesting-looking" Avery. So when the devil shows up and offers to make her gorgeous, Allison jumps at the chance to finally get noticed.

Brilliant: Avery Sisters Trilogy, Book 3 (Unabridged)

But there's one tiny catch, and it's not her soul: The devil wants her cell phone. Quinn Avery can handle change. It's just paint, right? Bright, blinding white paint covering her once dazzling red bedroom walls. Quinn knows she shouldn't be angry at her mom - she's doing what she must to sell the house - but still, Quinn is beyond mad, and she doesn't know what to do about it.

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    Series description. Gouverneur Morris.

    Gorgeous (Avery Sisters Trilogy) Gorgeous (Avery Sisters Trilogy)
    Gorgeous (Avery Sisters Trilogy) Gorgeous (Avery Sisters Trilogy)
    Gorgeous (Avery Sisters Trilogy) Gorgeous (Avery Sisters Trilogy)
    Gorgeous (Avery Sisters Trilogy) Gorgeous (Avery Sisters Trilogy)
    Gorgeous (Avery Sisters Trilogy) Gorgeous (Avery Sisters Trilogy)
    Gorgeous (Avery Sisters Trilogy) Gorgeous (Avery Sisters Trilogy)
    Gorgeous (Avery Sisters Trilogy) Gorgeous (Avery Sisters Trilogy)
    Gorgeous (Avery Sisters Trilogy) Gorgeous (Avery Sisters Trilogy)
    Gorgeous (Avery Sisters Trilogy)

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