Day One: A Novel

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Don’t read all your books with the same mindset

So we expect that double thrill, and instead, what we find ourselves reading by nature must look boring to us. Only share the fact that you are working on your book with those who are following their own creative dreams. Human beings were meant to be creative, as is the case with everything on planet Earth. So keep this a secret among you, me, and your friends who are actively pursuing their creative dreams.

Maybe those dreams involve writing, painting, sculpting, or even tending a rose garden.

Nobody else gets to know until the whole thing is done. Who is your primary intended reader? Where do you want to take that person — how do you want to influence your key readership?

What steps do you want them to take in their own lives, or with you, as the result of having read your book? When you can answer those two questions — who is the audience, and where will you take them — the essential content of the book will be clear to you. Our role as authors is to enlighten and entertain.

We hold up a candle to light the way, and a mirror to reflect back where society is. We do that whether we are novelists, memoirists, business book authors, or what have you. We are compensated as authors to the precise degree that we entertain and educate our audience.

But we cannot do that unless we know exactly whom we are writing for. If you keep these seven guidelines in mind, writing your first book will become considerably easier.

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And if I can do that, surely you can sit down in the privacy of your own home, or coffee shop, or wherever, and punch out those two pages a day, until you have made your own dream of authorship come true. We authors need to stick together!

Think of it as the pomodoro method for reading. I go for walks, do my daily exercises, play a video game, or just blast some music and rock out for a little bit. The point is to give yourself a break so you can come back and feel refreshed.

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You can also try breaking your book up into segments instead of timing yourself. Mark your reading intervals with bookmarks or by noting a certain percentage.

Use your peripheral vision

For example, you can stick three bookmarks in your book to separate it into four chunks of reading. Note everything! Mortimer J. Come discussion or essay time, you might have a few pages outlining your exact thoughts already.

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If you have time to dig even deeper, take some time to expand on your notes. You can even compare your notes with SparkNotes and CliffsNotes to see what you may have missed. It may seem like a mellow affair, but a reading marathon will wear you out. Here are some things you may want to avoid when it comes to caffeinated beverages:.

Otherwise stick to a gradual ingestion of caffeine when you start to really drag. Food is also important for any reading marathon.

You can teach yourself to read an entire book in a single day

A bunch of sugar in your coffee may not be ideal, but you do still need some fuel to keep your mind running at full steam. Again, there is right way to go about snacking. Dry off some baby carrots with a paper towel, much on some dried fruit, or dig into some trail mix. A pair of chopsticks, however, can make one-handed munching on messy snacks easily doable. Those are some of the best parts for snacking.

Instead of losing interest and wondering when something good will happen, your snack will keep you active and satisfied enough to get through it. Most of that person-smartphone interaction is reading things like news, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, online dating profiles, and Lifehacker. So, switch your book with your phone.

Novel Two: Day One

If you can manage, leave your phone behind for the day, or at least hide it away with airplane mode activated. The same goes for anything you use to consume information, like tablets, laptops, TVs, and protocol droids. And that means everywhere you go! Of course, if your book is stored on your phone or tablet, you can still use it, but keep it in airplane mode and avoid frivolous distractions at all costs. Alternatively, you can choose to use your ears instead of your eyes.

Day One: A Novel Day One: A Novel
Day One: A Novel Day One: A Novel
Day One: A Novel Day One: A Novel
Day One: A Novel Day One: A Novel
Day One: A Novel Day One: A Novel
Day One: A Novel Day One: A Novel
Day One: A Novel Day One: A Novel

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