Bride of a Bygone War (Beirut Trilogy, Book 2)

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Events on LibraryThing Local. No events listed. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Information from the German Common Knowledge. Edit to localize it to your language. Cleveland, Ohio, USA. His experience as a diplomat, lawyer and corporate executive, combined with his ultra-lean writing style, lend rare authenticity to his stories. Preston is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, but left home at fourteen for boarding school and has been on the move ever since. On 14 July , a funeral ceremony was organized for the victims in Zagharta.

Samir Geagea who allegedly headed the Phalangist force responsible for the Ehden massacre admitted that he was among the "military squad" that was in charge of the Ehden "operation", but he denied taking part in the massacre, claiming that he was shot before the incident. Hanna Shallita was arrested during a government crackdown on Samir Geagea's Lebanese Forces, who was accused of staging the Ehden massacre.

Shallita was set free after paying an LL5 million bail in August The travel writer and historian William Dalrymple reaches the conclusion that the Ehden massacre was remarkable and revealed more clearly than anything the medieval feudal reality behind the civilized twentieth-century veneer of Lebanese politics.

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The Curse of Arab Christians The book provides alleged details of how Samir Geagea , the chief of the Lebanese Forces party , was chosen in by Mossad to execute the Ehden massacre. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Lebanese Civil War. Mass Violence. Retrieved 10 March Kliot January Middle Eastern Studies. The Telegraph.

Retrieved 6 November Mediterranean Politics. Wars of Lebanon. Retrieved 5 July The War for Lebanon, Cornell University Press. Retrieved 22 October Civil War in Lebanon, Palgrave Macmillan. Retrieved 21 October The Milwaukee Journal. Retrieved 23 March Harper's Magazine. Archived from the original on 8 February Retrieved 9 April Kalyvas September I found myself wondering what her importance was to the plot. I expected her to be more involved in the story. Muna was unimportant to the story and I did find her to be an unrealistic character. Husband disappeared for 5 years, showed up on doorstep and was welco This was a book of spies and intrigue in the Middle East Syria, Lebanon.

Husband disappeared for 5 years, showed up on doorstep and was welcomed back, then she appeared at airport to help him disappear again. Her character could have been developed more as well as those of few of the others in the book and it would have been a great spy thriller.

I received this book as an Early Reviewer and did find it interesting. Wow, what an enthralling plot! I couldn't put it away.

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It kept me breathless and I was urged to go on until the very last page. Right from the start I was dipped into the explosive world of the Middle East around the time of the 80s. Beirut wasn't anymore the Paris from the East.

Preston Fleming Books : Bride of a Bygone War : Action/Thriller Novel

The war has divided the city into west and east with a lot of checkpoints, military forces and several intelligence services which play each other off against each other. In the middle of this setting a CIA agent is not Wow, what an enthralling plot! In the middle of this setting a CIA agent is not only trying to do the best for his intelligence service but also to solve his former love live and saving his currently one. I can strongly recommend this story. It is a story of war, deceit, friendship, loss and love. Fleming has written a very descriptive account of what it is like in Beirut during war time.

The story is mostly about Walter Lukash and his assignment. He was re-assigned to Beirut after leaving there 5 years before. When he was there the first time he was operating under an alias. This time he is using his real name and hoping that no one will recognize him. His assignment is to recruit spies for our government. This book keeps your interest and I recommend it View 1 comment. Nov 06, Gary Sudeth rated it liked it. Love inside the CIA and the rubble that is the Middle East Remove the word "inside" from the headline for a clearer statement about this book.

Fleming tells a story of international intrigue after the early years of 'the events' in Lebanon which turned Beirut from 'Paris of the Middle East' into the first hell-hole of modern times directly attributable to Islamic adventurism. The story of.

Preston Fleming

With [Bride of a Bygone War] he hits another home run. The continuing action and intrigue of Beirut in the 's is conveyed in a fast paced yet humanistic manner. Any fan of spy thrillers or the action adventure genre definitely needs to check [Mr. Fleming] out. I will be awaiting the third installment of the [Beirut Trilogy] and any more works by this exciting author. Aug 21, Peter Smith rated it liked it. Not much has changed. I lived and worked in Saudia Arabia at the time so I was intimately aware of the situation in the ME.

Unfortunately it has only gotten worse. May 17, R. Conary rated it really liked it. Another look at Beirut and the tumultuous '80s. CIA field agent Walter Lukash plays a hopscotch game of trying to fulfill his latest undercover assignment and keep his job, while keeping his love life -- past and present -- from jeopardizing it all.

A well done tell-it-like-it-really-was spy thriller and excellent follow-up of "Dynamite Fishermen. Jan 29, Kelbo rated it liked it. It took me nearly half the book to really get all of the characters straight in my head. This was a time I remembered vividly in my mind, so it was very interesting.

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The writing was good, the story fast moving, and the ending was not a letdown. Though not exactly what I was expecting of a spy novel, it was an interesting read. Only good if you've lived in Beirut. Mostly confusing and not worth the read. Whole book was really pointless. Think it was just a vehicle for the author to show us how much he knows about the geography and politics of Lebanon.

If that's what you're into--go for it. Aug 07, Mary Rowe rated it liked it. Convoluted, sometimes annoying Readable, with sneaky, skulking spies throughout.

Bride of a Bygone War (Beirut Trilogy, Book 2) Bride of a Bygone War (Beirut Trilogy, Book 2)
Bride of a Bygone War (Beirut Trilogy, Book 2) Bride of a Bygone War (Beirut Trilogy, Book 2)
Bride of a Bygone War (Beirut Trilogy, Book 2) Bride of a Bygone War (Beirut Trilogy, Book 2)
Bride of a Bygone War (Beirut Trilogy, Book 2) Bride of a Bygone War (Beirut Trilogy, Book 2)
Bride of a Bygone War (Beirut Trilogy, Book 2) Bride of a Bygone War (Beirut Trilogy, Book 2)
Bride of a Bygone War (Beirut Trilogy, Book 2) Bride of a Bygone War (Beirut Trilogy, Book 2)

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